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Methodological challenges of memory 

Host: Jenny Wüstenberg

Jenny Wüstenberg is an Associate Professor of Twentieth Century History at Nottingham Trent University in the UK. Her area of research focuses on memory activism, as well as on transnational and relational perspectives on memory politics. She is the co-founder and current co-president of the Memory Studies Association.

Date: July 2, Friday

Start: 3 pm CET

Duration: 180 min


Number of participants: 25


Conducting empirical research under current conditions is challenging in any field, but it may be especially difficult for memory scholarship that is so deeply reliant on understanding relationships with people and places.

This event seeks to provide space to collaboratively address some of the common – and specific – methodological problems we are facing. It will feature short talks by experienced researchers: 
- Ruramisai Charumbira, 

- Rebecca Dolgoy, 

- Sarah Gensburger, 

- Thomas van de Putte, 

- Orli Fridman

- and Emily Keightley, as well as the time to tackle particular issues in small groups. The workshop will end with a reflective plenary session. Overall, the goal of the workshop is to reduce the feeling of isolation during research that many of us are experiencing.

To prepare for the workshop each participant will be required to: 

1. Submit ahead of time a "project brief" (no more than one page long) outlining:

- The research question and a brief description of the project, including what type of research it is (MA/Ph.D. project, journal article, fifth book, long-term passion project...).

- A description of the research design you are using or considering (or multiple options). 

- The methodological (nota bene: not purely theoretical) challenge you would like the group to discuss with you.

2. Read the "project briefs" of other group members.

This workshop requires preparation from the participants
Registered participants will receive an email with detailed information in due time. 

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