Fees & waivers


The early bird ticket allows payment of a reduced conference fee until March 7.

(Early bird tickets will be available between January 15 and March 7)


By paying full conference fee you agree to voluntarily support our solidarity fund for low-income participants. 

(Full fee ticket will be available until April 15 when the system will close. We need to have everyone registered by this date in order to finalize the Conference program on time)


Please note that in case of cancellation we will refund 50% of the conference fee until April 30, 2021. After April 30, we will be unable to refund your fee.


The submission deadline for waiver applications was February 15.

In total, we offer a number of fifty 50% waivers and fifty 100% waivers. The criteria for awarding these have been drawn up in co-operation with the MSA Ethics Committee.
We want to provide support to university students, those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and those not supported by their universities/organisations. Priority will be given to roundtables/panels etc. organisers. The remaining waivers will be distributed according to the order in which the applications were received, should it turn out that there are more applications than waivers.

Main Organizer

Local Organizers